Applied Divination and the Joy of “JUST DOING IT”


David’s Tarot working alongside astrology tools


I feel a huge satisfaction that concepts and realisations from the distant past remain current, helpful and applicable in the modern world. Archetypes from the mists of time put down on card a few centuries ago help us navigate our pathways today is awe inspiring to me. Formations and positioning of stars and planets and other celestial bodies affect how we experience life from beginning to end, and that we can now print out a chart in seconds and plot a course reading from transits, and aided with a Tarot or Lenormand spread never fails to delight.

There is so much history which is recorded. Systems of reading Tarot, Lenormand and astrology which are studied in depth and hotly contested by different factions. But to me, the proof of the pudding is in the eating (or, just read the damn cards and discover what works for you). In Tarot there are those that apply differing esoteric depths and systems to the cards, in Lenormand differing traditions – German, French, Brazilian.

There are those that don’t do anything other than read from the images, there are those that use them as prompts which trigger their various psychic talents (or, if you’d like to describe them by a popular Wenism, ‘Claires’). There are folks that will tell you that if you aren’t reading ‘their’ way – you’re doing it wrong. Blah, blah, bleurgh….

Learn stuff and apply stuff usefully is my motto. Some people learn just for fun. I don’t. I learn stuff to use it. If I find that I can apply some new principle or skill, then I’m cock-a-hoop. If I find something new isn’t useful to me, then I just forget it. I don’t mean to forget it – I just do.

Right now, I find much joy in using cards to help me make the most of lovely astrological transits, and helping me to deal effectively with the less attractive ones. I plan writing, and projects and examine situations to avoid, or ways to overcome or reduce the impact of pitfalls and help others do the same (astrology is just for me as yet though – I’m a real noob here).



Lenormand at work – How do I get from Here to here? Hildegard Leiding Lenormand

The spread above with Lenormand cards is a helpful steps spread. Above left is where I am now (randomly drawn), above right is where I want to be (consciously chosen), and the row of seven cards along the bottom is placed left to right face down. Turn over the first three and read, and keep turning until your question is answered – whether that be after the first three, or requiring all seven.

I always, always, always work with a question and keep my readings framed within that question – whether that be as general as ‘tell me about my life right now’ and laying out a full astro/tarot spread, or as specific as ‘how can I optimise my chances of getting this job’ and laying a run of 5 cards to be read in story form

Oracle can also be a very useful tool in modern day divination – I found I had to explore far and wide to find oracle that suits my purposes though. I’m not interested in a daily draw, I want to pick up cards and be guided or given indications of great/not so great courses of action.


Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid



To me, divination is all about affirming, route planning, aha moments, alternative viewpoints on life, inspiration and seeking out the nuggets of gold in any given situation. The moral of this rather long ramble I think, is apply what you learn. Find joy in the knowledge you pick up, and transfer it into wisdom. The kind of wisdom that will enrich your life, and maybe, just maybe the life of others too.


“Rabbit’s clever,” said Pooh thoughtfully.
“Yes,” said Piglet, “Rabbit’s clever.”
“And he has Brain.”
“Yes,” said Piglet, “Rabbit has Brain.”
There was a long silence.
“I suppose,” said Pooh, “that that’s why he never understands anything.”
Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh


This blog post was inspired by long and rambling conversations with my very good friend Sandi Diehl, who is nothing like Rabbit. She learns stuff, all sorts of stuff and applies that which is useful diligently, helping herself, and others to head UP the tree of LIFE. Capital letters used in the manner of Sandi herself.

How do you view learning, the acquisition of knowledge? Do you adhere to any systems or traditions in your divination?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below




2 thoughts on “Applied Divination and the Joy of “JUST DOING IT”

  1. I’m a slow-and-steady in my learning style, and know well enough that what serves me best is to focus on a particular interest. I am incredibly drawn to tarot, rather than any other form of divination, and incorporate very little astrology or numerology into my practice if at all. I’m an earthy soul, and so what appeals to me most in terms of broadening my tarot learning at this time is getting a better grasp of how the elements play a part in the reading of the cards. On any topic, I pretty much choose what resonates with me most, and work towards that becoming my art. In animation, it’s character animation rather than special effects, and in character animation, it is the acting that I am most drawn too over action. I love drawing things down to a fine point, and finding the finesse and the craft within that.

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    1. I think vibing with what we’re learning is numero uno isn’t it? There’s so much ‘stuff’ out there that could be applied – but if it doesn’t touch that little bit inside that says ‘yes’, or if it doesn’t take us deeper into our purpose for using Tarot (or whatever tickles our pickle), then there’s not a lot of point x


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