Less is More (did I really just say that?)


Once upon a time, not so very long ago there was a wise woman who read cards. She loved all kinds of Tarot cards, Lenormand cards and oracle cards.

The problem was, she lived in a tiny wee flat at the seaside, with her beloved,  her two naughty dogs and chaos cat who went by the name of Cobbler.

She searched and searched for the perfect Tarot deck. She knew that decks were different, and read on different subjects in different ways. The cards were pretty and she spent hours upon happy hours scouring You Tube walk throughs and reading reviews online.

She pre ordered, crowd funded and had great delight in purchases from the mighty force that is Amazon. The postman was greeted with delighted cries, warm hugs and sent off with a warm, fresh from the oven muffin in return for his promising little packages.

The tiny flat became fuller and fuller – decks in beautifully sewn pouches kept in wooden boxes, wicker boxes, sturdy cardboard boxes and in baskets. The recycle bin was constantly full of packaging from the new decks, and there were even boxes containing the boxes that had contained the decks when they were new. Oh, and companion books. There were lots of those too.

The boxes became too numerous for the shelves and were stacked on the floor, discretely tucked under tables or to the side of chairs. Then the boxes became too numerous to be tucked away discretely and began to encroach upon space that should really have been used just for living and breathing.

And did this bring the wise woman happiness? Did she find the perfect deck? Did she spend enough time on each deck to get to know it intimately? Hear it’s voice? Use it in her work?


The woman realised she wasn’t being at all wise. She realised that she was wasting time, wasting space, wasting money and making herself feel anxious and driven. So she moved some decks on. That felt good. She could spend more time with the beautiful decks that she had kept, and there was a bit more space. She saw that some of the decks she still owned weren’t for her and moved them on. She felt even better. The space around her was more relaxing – no more boxes tumbling from the shelves, or in places where they could be tripped over.

Then she realised, she was working with only one Tarot deck most of the time – it was a deck that touched her soul, probed her darkest corners and the people she read for loved it too. It gave answers. Clear ones. It was a good deck, a workhorse deck. A deck to become intimate with. To get deep down and dirty with.


(David’s Tarot – pdf available from David Chastain’s website http://www.10000things.com/tarot/)

So she moved on the rest of her Tarot decks, all but one of her oracle decks and all but 3 of her Lenormand decks.


Wisdom of the Oracle, Hildegard Leiding Lenormand, Bluebird Lenormand, St. Croix Lenormand


Have you seen those photographs of people silhouetted against a rising sun, on the top of a mountain, with their arms flung above their head? You can imagine the pure clear air whooshing around them, and the silhouetted person shouting at the top of their lungs in pure ecstasy.

That’s how she felt.

And now?

And now she feels a new freedom. She has no compulsion to keep obtaining new decks but has the freedom to do so if she wishes – in fact this happened very recently


Osho Zen Tarot


But it was bought with no shame. There is a freedom in that. A freedom the woman is coming to appreciate. She has time now to spend with her decks, discover their nuances, their strengths, their quirks and their voices.

She still enjoys the odd walk through, the odd review. She still likes to look. After all, cards are beautiful. We all deserve to look at, and enjoy beauty. But there is not such a compulsion to have them.


She has no doubt that decks will come into her life, and go out of her life in the future. And that is good.



Are you a hoarder, a user, an art appreciator, a trier, a collector, an as few as possibler or something else entirely when it comes to the acquisition and use of your precious cards?

I wish you all happy times with your Tarot and stuff, no matter what your views are regarding this piece.

Until next time,

Fay x


4 thoughts on “Less is More (did I really just say that?)

  1. Nice to see a calm blog post on a very real issue. The desire to consume is strong in our society, yet this reminds us to use what works from an individual perspective, first and foremost. Your glee from the expectations of the mail arriving in a timely manner is amusing, while being quite true at the same time. Wonderful read.

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  2. Really resonate with this. Recently had a clear out, but unfortunately have seemed to have brought a few more to replace some of them. But i am being a lot more discerning in my purchases.
    Its an ongoing battle!

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